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Who We Are

The Good Entertainment Foundation is about breaking molds and using our considerable expertise in the fields of entertainment, STEM, business and education to really reach people where they are with exciting new programs that take advantage of new media, old media and what may lie in the future of media too. As they say, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” The Foundation is ready to lead a paradigm shift in education outreach with an eye toward empowering the next generation of leaders.

The Good Entertainment Foundation is about making sure that the entertainment that reaches our kids activates their minds, touches their hearts, and inspires their actions all to make the world a better place.

Our Board is comprised of innovators, groundbreakers, and experts in Entertainment, STEM and Enterprise.

We are a Foundation whose goal is to reach and teach. We want to reach the public (especially our youth) with information that can change their futures, using entertainment as the vehicle. We want to teach them that they are the builders of their world. How? By utilizing new approaches and supporting the development of new programs that can move the needle and make a difference.

By “make a difference" we mean, motivating the public to engage and get activated. If we can get kids to learn that science makes the world a better place for everyone (and everything)... then we’ve made some headway. If we can get adults to understand the dangers of their kids living out loud and online... then we can sleep better at night. If we can show kids and parents what a healthy life looks like and how it isn’t all tofu and wheatgrass... we’ve done our job.

Our promotional partners and advisors will include celebrities, networks, film studios, online hubs and portals, sports teams and leagues… the list goes on and on. What we require is a commitment to the cause and the ability to activate a large fan base. Our cause related partners will only be those organizations who are "the best" in their field. By “best” we mean reputable, effective and cutting-edge.

And of course, there will be our corporate partners; companies whose social soul resonates with the program(s) we present. Their fuel will stoke the fire and keep the train running. And our programs will show them a measurable return so that these partnerships renew year after year. Win-win.

Like we say, “It’s all good”… when entertainment is built on a solid foundation of making the world a better place.

The Power of A Story

From the earliest human existence, stories have helped us to understand and shape our world, enabling us to share our experiences with one another. Stories inspire us, teach us, move us, and in so doing… they change the world. Entertainment-Education programs draw on our deep affinity for stories to reveal worlds of new possibilities, where dramatic conflicts and decisions are tied to real world consequences. The choices that characters make center on critical social issues, illuminating pathways to change, adoption of new behaviors, and ultimately lead to a world of hope. Targeted social, health and environmental issues are key plot elements in Entertainment- Education programs. Characters serve as role models to bring these concepts to life. Audience members become emotionally tied to program characters, and these ties influence values and inspire behaviors much more powerfully than direct appeals for change.

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